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At the Clara Muhammad School, we strive to inculcate in our students: self confidence, understanding of their cultures, and a distinct sense of their role in this technological age.​

Further, we provide an environment in which students can fulfill their physical, social, cultural, spiritual and other personal needs, and as such;  they can develop a responsibility for leadership.​

To ensure the integrity and stability of its status and the perpetuation of its legacy, the Clara Muhammad School has a firm resolve to maintain the physical and human resources to be a distinctive school; striving for excellence in its students, faculty, staff and administration

School Environment:
Our diverse student body has a familial atmosphere in which students are stimulated and nurtured by dedicated, caring faculty and staff consistent with its Islamic roots, moral ethical and educational values.

Historical Fact:
The Clara Muhammad School is housed in one of the first buildings from which Brother Malcolm X ministered and worked.  The house that he lived in is about 1.5 miles from the school



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